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Saberr Base
A culture profile that enables teams to build trust, strengthen relationships, hire and onboard better.
Culture fit is really about the relationships between people. Saberr Base is a psychometric profile for better hiring, better onboarding, or even mapping the culture of your whole organisation!
Data to understand and improve relationships across your organisation
Trusted by academics and professional coaches, Base gives you a better understanding of your team dynamics and culture than any other psychometric tool on the market.
Choose the best new hires based on cultural contribution
Build stronger relationships in existing teams
Map the culture of your whole organisation
"I really enjoyed learning what makes people tick, how it relates to their values and how we can support each other. We work alongside each other but I really feel that I know them better after today. A great starting point for the team to feel more comfortable in giving honest feedback.”
How it works
Personality survey screenshots on mobile devices
Start with each person taking a 15 minute survey.
Personality and values report screenshots
Individual profile
Team members and candidates receive an individual report showing their values and personality based on Schwartz and the Big 5.

This helps increase self awareness and helps teams understand how values and personality influence how we act at work. Team members can chose to share their personal profile with their colleagues.
Personality and values report screenshots
Screenshot of pair report
Pair report
The pair report, enables you to see relationships between two people in more detail. It explains the differences and similarities between values.

Beyond the report exercises to improve relationships are also available. Exercises include how to manage relationships and how to build trust in the team by sharing values.
Screenshot of team report
Team report
The team report enables you to understand the team as a whole. It shows the diversity of personality and values across the team and common values that motivate the team.

The report can help teams improve by:
  • Developing goals consistent with their values.
  • Exploring potential blind spots in how they operate.
  • Build better inter team relationships through sharing team profiles.
Screenshot of team report
Screenshot of candidate report
Candidate report
The candidate report lets you see risks and opportunities in hiring.

It explains how naturally the candidate will exhibit the behaviours required in their role and how easily the candidate will integrate into the team and organisation.

Alongside the report, our interview guide enables you to undertake a data driven culture interview to reducing hiring errors.

Use the report as an excellent start for onboarding, improving the time to productivity of new hires.
Screen of Saberr teamwork library
Team development exercises
Self service exercises are clearly written up in our easy to access library. There’s a combination of simple “try-this” exercises that take just minutes alongside more in-depth exercises. Exercises are available at all times and access to our customer support and coach network is just a click away.
Screenshot of Saberr teamwork library
Map of world labelled with different cultural values in different regions
Map the business
Measure the values within your business to understand cultural and departmental differences and inform cultural transformation.
Impact and research
Avoid poor hiring decisions
Improve onboarding
Increase trust between team members
Map the culture of your organisation
Built on robust, proven science
The Big 5 and Schwartz Values Framework form the foundations of Base. These are the most robust, scientifically researched values and personality models. On top of this Saberr has built and applied sophisticated algorithms to understand the impact values and personality have on performance.

Decades of research shows that teams who are aligned on their values but diverse in other ways have consistently higher levels of performance.
Big 5 personality framework
Five dimensions of Big 5 Personalities: Innovation, Process Management, Social proactivity, Teamwork, Emotion management
Schwartz’s Values framework
Schwartz values framework. 11 distinct values arranged around a circle. From top clockwise: Loyalty, Fairness or equality, Autonomy, Exciting new experiences, Fun or pleasure, Achievement, Power or control, Respected public image, Safety or security, Following rules or crowd, Modesty.
Per year
Includes your first 10 employee profiles, additional profiles from £65 per employee.
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